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Introducing the Sac Room and Board Agency!  We are  the #1 housing agency around!  If you are looking for a private room, shared room, licensed care home, We can help.


Follow us on Twitter (@busypromoter)!  We promote our clients rooms on twitter and facebook!  We are here to get clients for your room and board. Our Twitter is proof (over 1,100 followers and growing fast!) 


First of all this site is dedicated to providing housing options to clients that fit this requirement.  This is first and foremost! Most of the housing options are rooms for rent.  We are the ONLY nationwide resource for housing for the clients mentioned:Veterans, mentally/physically disabled, homeless, struggling college students, anyone on SSI, etc.  We are the only company that targets this population.  This is an advantage to us.


If your are looking for housing and willing to live in a shared room situation, we provide you with the housing options.  The housing listed on this site are specifically prepared for your situation.  Simply look on our site to find the housing you need.  You can find room and board, clean and sober, independent living, halfway houses, board and care, assisted living, college student housing, etc. Many of the housing options include meals. This saves you money.  We want you to have the housing you need.  There are some private rooms available as well.  You can look within our network to find the housing you need.  We provide housing that you won't find on craigslist or any other site.  This is a specific niche.  Look within our network.       

If you are a facility looking for home placement for a patient in need of housing, look at our available rooms.  We are the ONLY nationwide resource for housing options for room and board type homes. Mental health facilities can advertise as well.  You can advertise to a specific type client you want.  Like: College students, mentally/physically disabled, veterans, etc. You can advertise today!


Any home owner looking to rent out rooms to our clients can do so below. We will list your available housing on our site.  We provide an option for homeowners that are in danger of foreclosure, not being able to make the mortgage payment, etc. Completely independent of the traditional methods but within the laws.  We use the funds to help provide a resource for the homeless, people on SSI, veterans, etc.  We provide rides for homeless people who need to get to medical appointments, etc.  In return, you will be listed on our site to have access to the clients that come to our site to look for room and board in your area.



 We provide housing options for people with mental or physical disabilities, disabled veterans, homeless, college students and more.  We help just about anyone find housing!

 You don't have to search all over the place to find the type of housing you need!  We are expanding our services across the nation! Unlike craigslist, you will be able to cut through the chase with our niche housing. 

 Homeowners can advertise their room and board, board and care, transitional living, or any type of facility on our site.  Anyone looking for room and board can find you right on our site.

For homeowners, this is another way to avoid foreclosure.  Many people are making a ton of money in this business.  You can too!  

We do all the advertising for the homeowner.  We network with the facilities across the nation to find clients looking for this type of housing.  Advertise with us here! 

 Many people are making lots of money running a room and board!  You can too!  You don't need a special license or degree.  You just need a room for rent.

 Why rent your 3 bedroom house out for $800-1,000?  In this business you can put two people in a room and charge them $500-600 each.  That's $1,000 with one available room!  Imagine if you have 3 or 4 rooms available!  

We are a one-stop shop for clients with mental/physical disabilities and disabled veterans.  All the housing options you need in one place.


 Homeowners looking to advertise their rooms/homes for rent will have access to our clients base.  You will receive calls directly from this site!

You can be in our online network TODAY!          

 We are the first to have some guidelines to running a successful room and board or care home business.  You can read the guidelines for FREE here!

 Any facility or organization looking to advertise on our site can have access to our network. This includes: hospitals, psychiatric facilities, clinics, etc.   

 To stay up to par on how to run a successful room and board, you can read this blog.  It is designed to keep you in the know about the business.

If you are looking to fill a room, house, apartment, care home, etc, we have clients for you. THERE IS BIG MONEY OPPORTUNITY HERE!

You will have access to our network of clients looking for housing once you are part of the network.  These clients come to our site to find your listings.  We do all the promoting for you!

Read more about us here.

We have available housing for:

-People suffering from mental illness
-People being discharged from hospital
-College Students
-People on SSI
-People on disability/SSI

-Disabled veterans
-and more.....

Type of housing available: (but not limited to)

-Transitional housing
-Basic room and board
-Basic room
-Basic house for sale
-Rental housing
-Conventional housing

-Clean and sober living
-and more... 

HOMEOWNERS: You can make a ton of money renting out rooms! Whether you are renting out rooms, or house, you can benefit from this site.  There is no other site like this!  You won't find it anywhere! You will gain instant nationwide exposure in this niche!


 All advertising fees are increasing on November1, 2013 due to demand.

This is the perfect time to get signed up with us!  So get signed up TODAY!


You can advertise your rooms on our site for 6 months (below).  Your membership fee is only $49.99.  We use the funds to provide homeless people with housing, rides to medical appointments, and other resources. We only bill you once!  One time fee! No continual billing.



$49.99 for 6 month membership. One time fee



You can advertise your rooms on our site for one full year (below).  Only $54.99 for a one year membership.  We use the funds to provide homeless people with housing, rides to medical appointments, and other resources.  Clients will be able to call you directly.  We only bill you once.  One time fee! No continual billing.



$54.99 for 1 year membership. One time fee.


The Sac Room and Board Agency will also advertise your available housing.  If you have an ENTIRE house for rent, we can get it filled.  We will increase your chances of getting someone in your empty space. 


Anyone looking to advertise on our site can do so TODAY!  We only have a one time annual fee. 1 year membership!  If you have an ENTIRE house for rent you can advertise here.   You must sign up for the service again the next year.  No hidden costs or continual billing. Only $119.97 for one year. This is only for those who want to rent out an entire house (not room rentals). 


$119.97 1 Year house membership.  One time fee



 Facility or organization advertising only $139.99.  Clients will use this site to find the right facility.  Good for the lifetime of your business.

If you are a Dr in private practice, clinic, hospital, Apartment complex, hotel, motel, mental health facility, or any organization looking for clients, this service is for you. Clients will contact you from our site.  Sign up TODAY!  Only $139.97 for lifetime the of your business!


$139.99 facility or organization. One time fee (lifetime membership).


Come and be a part of the #1 housing community for veterans and disabled!  Get your membership NOW!

  Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.  We will be glad to answer any of your questions.








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